I just ordered these bad boys!! Pumped on thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So hows life going trusted livejournal friends. I hope the christmas holiday season is treating you well. I haven't bought many of my gifts yet. I have, however, bought lots of stuff for myself? That's alright though.............(no it isn't) So I've been really pumped on Simian Mobile Disco lately.

Ummmm the first Jogging Club event was wicked...don't know how many of you saw the photos but they're on The Jogging Club site...we have another event coming up. Collapse )

I went to get a roll of film developed and none of the photos came out. There's nothing worse than that. I was pumped for a spacfic set that was on that roll too from the summer. OH WELL

Well anyways I probably should be writing x-mas cards and you probably don't care. byeeeeeeeeeeeee